SEOtx Marketing Services
Frequently Asked Questions. The F.A.Q. lowdown on the showdown.

What industries do your search marketing campaigns work best in?

SEOtx team members have been the secret weapons that ad agencies, physicians, attorneys, entrepreneurs, automotive dealer groups, software developers, educators, charities, publishers, venture capital firms, and hedge funds rely on when they need to be seen.

National and local campaigns. Organic keywords or video search. We've got your back.

Where is your team located?

We are a team that is proudly collaborating from five of the seven continents. SEOtx represents another true success story about how technology brings people together.

Can you visit my office for a meeting?

A few basic questions that you can answer by registering for your free consultation is all we require to size a campaign perfect for you and your organization. You will love how we take care of every detail and all of the technical drudgery for you behind the scenes.

Retreats and on site training workshops to discuss proprietary strategy can be scheduled for agencies who wish to develop technical departments and service fulfillment in-house. Occasionally, we do offer live consulting sessions for the rare event when clients could benefit from face-to-face attention.

In addition to giving you access to our systems for achieving success, our goal is to make your getting a higher ranking for your target keywords both simple and efficient so you can win more buyers and invest your most valuable time in satisfying them.

Can I see a price list?

Every website and keyword target is different. We are devoted to providing turn-key quality and stellar results but if you have a special request then please ask support because we can likely help.

How do you pronounce SEOtx?

Essssss, EEEEE, Ohhhh. Teeee. EX.

What does the name SEOtx represent?

The letter T we all know and love is the 20th character in the latin alphabet. According to wikipedia, the letter T is the most commonly used consonant and the second most common letter in the English Language.

The letter X, however, is the 24th letter of the alphabet and much more mysterious.

Combined for this service brand, these two very different letters form the tx suffix to its SEO which is an acronym nod toward Search Engine Optimization.

SEOtx is perfect for physicians, attorneys, and businesses of any size. National and local campaigns now available!
Finally claim your brand, product, or service geography keyword placements. Agency friendly for your most important clients.

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